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Unlock Your Success: AAHOACON 2023

Check-In With Your Hospitality Insurance: Due Diligence

Kemmons Wilson, the visionary behind Holiday Inn Hotels, founded Kemmons Wilson Insurance in 1952 to insure the hotels and other hospitality enterprises owned or affiliated with the Kemmons Wilson family. Today, the Kemmons Wilson Insurance team, part of the Virtus family, continues to provide world-class insurance solutions and consulting services for hospitality entities.

Our team is comprised of problem solvers, analysts, industry experts, and entrepreneurs.  We lead with our values and are proud of our family roots, treating everyone—from our team to our clients—as our own. We bring a relationship-first approach to every engagement and are wired to dig deep to truly understand your unique challenges and opportunities. The results are tailored solutions and actionable insights that minimize risk and maximize the value of your insurance programs.

As an attendee of AAHOACON 2023, we will perform a complimentary comprehensive analysis of your current insurance programs, provide analytics and feedback, and discuss our thoughts on areas of opportunity for your hotels and resorts. Fill out the form below to get started.

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