To the moon!


Our culture is our competitive advantage.

#ToTheMoon! Our (not so) internal motto is rooted in the belief that when it comes to ambition and success, there is no ceiling that can restrain us. And we built this motto into our culture and thread it into our values.

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Happy people make us happy.

We’re a diverse group of parents, musicians, recent college grads, empty nesters, artists, animal lovers, golfers and adventurers, and we know there is more to life than work. Being happy at work requires you to be fulfilled in your personal life, and we encourage everyone to take time to be present with family and friends, take care of their health, and enjoy life outside of work. We’ve got your back.


Why Virtus?


We’re determined to help others achieve their dreams--and when we do, we celebrate. We learn from our mistakes and hold ourselves accountable to use those lessons to move forward. We are loyal and transparent, and we know that only together we can build something better.



We’re a growth focused firm, providing the resources and training to help every team member take their career to new heights. Whether new to insurance or fresh out of college, our seasoned professionals happily mentor you while providing exposure to a variety of new projects and functions. Your growth matters to us, and we love to see you thrive.



Every team member adds value. From Day 1, you’ll understand our 5-year strategy, our annual goals and our quarterly objectives, and how you can directly impact them. We empower you to try something new, take calculated risks and chase your dreams. We’ve got your back.


Let’s do great things together. Join our team.