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The Power of Family: Virtus and Kemmons Wilson Insurance

Kemmons Wilson, the visionary behind Holiday Inn Hotels, founded Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group (KWIG) in 1952 to insure the hotels and other hospitality enterprises owned or affiliated with the Kemmons Wilson family.

Virtus acquired KWIG in 2022, uniting our strengths while continuing to build on Kemmons Wilson’s legacy. Today, we continue to provide world-class insurance solutions and consulting services for hospitality entities. But the magic in our relationship and the secret behind our early success is this: we operate as family.

Unlike large bureaucracies and global firms, we’re intentional with our growth and incredibly strategic with our acquisitions; after all, we’re renegades who are breaking away from the antiquated mindset that total consolidation is the only way to win. For us, it’s about culture fit; values alignment; and ensuring complementary solutions exist. It’s the foundation to our success as one team, one family, one Virtus.

And now, watch it come to life in the video below: