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The Virtus National Real Estate Practice has developed into the preeminent risk consulting and insurance brokerage partner across all verticals within the real estate sector. Our client mix includes property managers, owners/operators, and developers of multi-family, hospitality, office, retail and industrial property.

Program Diligence

Our team provides prospective clients with a no-strings attached, comprehensive insurance program diligence audit before we place a single insurance policy on their behalf. Just send us your policies, exposures, and loss history and we will analyze your current program and overall insurance strategy for cost, coverage, and administrative efficiencies and suggest improvements.

Insurance Marketing & Placement

The insurance marketplace is ever changing and our four-pronged marketing strategy allows us to stay ahead of the curve for our clients so we can continue to win their business year after year. From initial program placement to renewals, our strategy does not falter. We will work to fully understand the uniqueness of your business and provide you with custom optionality that aligns with your business goals and risk tolerance.


Outside of your insurance renewal, we understand that the most important interactions you have involving insurance are during your acquisition and disposition processes and our team will be there to provide you with advisory services throughout the entire process. From initial analyses and indications, marketing solutions, lender negotiations, and final execution, we know what it takes to get a deal across the finish line and we will be your advocates to help get you to the closing table.

Client Stewardship

Our clients are our number one priority, and our client stewardship plans are custom-tailored to meet their unique, individual needs. Outside of insurance marketing and day-to-day program management, our team also has the deep expertise to assist with contract reviews, lender insurance requirements, loss control services, and claims advocacy and analyses.

Sarah White
Sarah White
Strategic Risk Consultant
Sara - Denby
Sara Denby
Account Executive
Morgan - Holt
Morgan Holt
Account Specialist

Where can Virtus write business?

The short answer is anywhere and everywhere! We are licensed to write in all 50 states and have international capabilities as well. Our current real estate portfolio stretches across roughly 40 states and ebbs and flows with where our clients are buying and selling.

How would you define your ideal client’s portfolio/structure?

We work with clients of all different sizes; however, we find that we build our best client relationships with those that fall into the “middle market” segment. We traditionally define middle market broadly; as a firm that has grown their portfolio to a substantial enough size that they have developed the need of risk management guidance and a strategic insurance partnership to help sustain growth over time but does not yet have their own in-house risk management personnel.

What lines of coverage can Virtus write?

Our team is designed to be your one-stop shop for all insurance and risk management related needs. We can provide quote options for your standard property and casualty insurance (property, wind/hail, general liability, workers compensation, automobile, umbrella, and excess liability) as well as your executive risk insurance (professional liability, directors and officers liability, cyber, crime and fidelity, pollution, and employment practices liability). We also have capabilities to provide employee benefits solutions to meet your company’s goals as well as any personal insurance you may need for your personal assets.

What makes Virtus’s real estate team different?

Three things make our team stand out against our competitors. First, we are experts in the space. Our only focus is real estate. It is everything we do, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry. We understand the intricacies of your business and will be your advocate and strategic partner. Second, we have structured our team to work as an efficient unit to provide the best service to our insureds. Third, our approach to the market is different. We have built master insurance programs and have also torn those programs apart to meet our clients’ needs and stay ahead of evolving market trends. We are creative in our submission process, and we keep our clients fully engaged in the marketing process while providing full and complete transparency throughout the process.