Collin Chlebak


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Overland Park
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Real Estate

J. Collin Chlebak, Vice President joined Virtus in a production role in 2015. He leads the Virtus National Real Estate Practice that touches over 300,000 multifamily units and 100M+ square feet of commercial real estate. Collin provides hands-on insurance consultation and brokerage services to owners, operators and developers of multifamily and commercial real estate across the country. He takes pride delivering customized insurance strategies to achieve the business goals of industry leading firms. Before joining Virtus, Collin worked with both elected officials and business executives to solve challenging problems in Dallas, TX. His passion for real estate ignited after being a witness to significant commercial, infrastructure, and residential transactions during his time managing the District Office for a member of the U.S. Congress.Collin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Kansas. Collin's hobbies include sports, traveling with his wife, Madison and spending time as a family with their two young boys.