Virtus teamed with Agman, a family owned multi-strategy investment company headquartered in Chicago, to facilitate Merger and Acquisition opportunities.

With a long-term view and focus on developing a world class organization, we acquire, partner, and invest in high performing agencies to accelerate the underlying value of the firm through enhanced operational capabilities.

Virtus recognizes that transitioning your business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. This impacts your economics, represents your legacy, and affects your clients and employees. Our model and process ensure thoughtful and strategic priorities for all stakeholders involved in the transaction.

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Virtus approaches each investment independently. Within the framework of our investment thesis, we align economics and incentives to maximize the collective value of our partnerships.


Our industry continues to consolidate at a record pace, providing the competition with additional capital, broader resources, and technological innovation. Virtus is equipped to enhance your resources and improve your ability to compete in the evolving market environment.


Your Employees, Clients, and Culture have undoubtedly been instrumental in the growth and success of your firm. The culture and focus at Virtus is to enhance your legacy through collaboration and continued success.